सुकेश साहनी
रामेश्वर काम्बोज 'हिमांशु'

—Bhupinder Singh

The child was being beaten by his mother but there
was no sign of guilt on his face? He. was standing at ease,
as if nothing had happened. The lady was beating him
continuously. “Get lost and be a scavenger! Why did you
take bread from him?”
The child replied innocently, “Mummy, if I took a
piece of bread from him, how did I become a sweeper
or scavenger?”
“Yes, of course you became!”
“Mummy! let me know why didn’t he become a
Brahmin, when he had been taking food from our house
for the last ten years ?“ the child enquired her.
The mother’s hand, which was being raised for a slap,
came down. She was unable to answer his son’s question.
At that moment, she was looking at her child as well as
at the piece of bread, which he was holding!



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