सुकेश साहनी
रामेश्वर काम्बोज 'हिमांशु'

[ Translated by -SUDESH DUTT ]

Neelam wanted to ask something. But I brushed her aside .Actually I had seen her amiably talking with her rickshawallah .I did not like it.
I scolded her saying, “ Neelam , you are a good girl. You should not be so close to a rickshawallah.”
She did not answer but started sobbing . I could not bear it but I was afraid that being a young girl she could easily be mislead.
She promised me she would never ask me anything ever.
I felt as though she had made up her mind to revolt against me.
“Go to hell!” I retorted angrily.
That day as I was returning home, I stopped to see a crowd at the gate… Neelam’s rickshawallah had been injured. She was tying her scarf on his wound.
“What happened Neelam ?” I inquired.
“A scooter hit my father”, she replied.


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